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Bienvenue chez Coffee Specialty Coffee

The Company


Who are we?

We are part of a growing group of people who believe that coffee unites people all over the world. A small farmer in the interior of Brazil, a CEO in Dubai or the owner of a cafe in Paris, when we have a cup of coffee in our hands, we are just people looking for a unique moment of pleasure. We believe that in this moment of pleasure, a link between cultures, experiences and stories that change lives is established.

Nano et micro lots
exclusifs du Brésil.

evolution and revolution

Our philosophy

Coffee for us and so many others who believe in Coffee Specialty Coffee represents evolutions and revolutions all along the production chain, where machines are left aside and the know-how of farmers is valued,from the choice of grains up how they will be taken care of. from post-harvest, through processing in the hands of roasters, bringing the best the bean has to offer into your cup through the barista.

A value chain

Our history

The experience of having moved from Brazil to France has motivated us to want to create and be part of a value chain that respects and values the know-how and work of small coffee producers, allowing us to establish a link with roasters, baristas and the end customer. Our motivation will allow everyone to taste the best Brazilian specialty coffees in a much deeper way, promoting an increase in knowledge of the entire chain and the continuous improvement of the quality of the beans for a better result in the cup.

The true wealt

Our mission

Valuing the work of each person involved with the coffee bean supervision and care is far more important than the profit of the stock market commodities and that is why our relationship with producers is direct, at a fair price. Our commitment is to bring together small Brazilian producers and coffee lovers and make this union the true wealth of Coffee Specialty Coffee.